Know and Learn to Use Your Gift

Dear companion,

You are gifted with a key talent.

Amazingly, all of us are born with distinct qualities and proclivities that we develop into our signature talents. I feel very competent with striking up random conversations with strangers; don’t ask me to organize three boxes of old files.  I can do it, but it doesn’t excite me. My wife on the other hand will be in color-code heaven. Having said that, it’s important that you identify what is, and isn’t, your gift that will bring great success, fulfillment, and happiness.


A wise proverb says: “A person’s gift makes room for her, and brings her before great leaders.”

Your unique, signature talent is like a key patterned to unlock precious doors.  Your signature key belongs to 1% of all keys that can open thatspecificdoor called wild success.  Behind that door awaits an audience in the presence of great leaders. How do you make “room” for yourself when you are in a crowded room–how will you stand out? It’s not by using your nominal key representing basic, ubiquitous skill. Use the key that has your name on it.

Now, let me help you identify your gift–your signature talent. It is that “thing” about “you” that either:

  1. People often tell you that you are really, really good at
  2. Often gets you in “trouble” because the gift is driving you and not the other way around

The first point is self-explanatory, so let me expound on the second point.

  • Smart people can become arrogant real fast.
  • Talkers can hurt others’ feelings very quickly, with just one utterance.
  • Very organized people can struggle with flexibility.
  • Nice people can become doormats.
  • Analytical people can become paralyzed into inaction.
  • Entrepreneurs can become ADHD-fueled and never finish what they started.
  • Great listeners can fail to be heard.
  • Ambitious people often isolate their friends and family.
  • Visionaries may find that their airplane is empty.

You get my point?

Your most amazing gift– your key signature talent that makes you very valuable–can also become your downfall and derailer if you fail to learn to use it properly.

Like a knife, your gift can be used to hurt or heal.  How you hold it, use it, makes all the difference.

Thus, I encourage you to reflect, identify your signature talent, and use it wisely.

  • Smart people can become humble.
  • Talkers can season their speech to touch the heart and mind.
  • Very organized people can prepare systems that afford them flexibility.
  • Nice people can say “no” nicely.
  • Analytical people can learn to use feedback loops to encourage action.
  • Entrepreneurs can find accountability partners to keep them grounded.
  • Great listeners can listen to their own advice and speak up.
  • Ambitious people can learn to see wealth and success in non-material ways.
  • Visionaries can learn to shape direction by talking up with and not down to people.

So, remember that you are gifted.  There are some things, or maybe just one thing, that you do so well and only 1% of the population can do it. Identify it. Learn to properly and wisely use your gift. Failure to do so will turn your gift into a derailer.

Why not choose to use your signature gift and key to “make room for you” and bring you “before great leaders”?

Your friend in learning,

Dr. Joel Tapia

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