Past Celebrations

English Translation: Dr. Joel Tapia, the principal of Greentown Yuhua Primary School, shared the importance of bilingual learning and the achievements of bilingual teaching in Greentown Yuhua Primary School. He pointed out that from an international perspective, bilingual learning has become a key to children’s access to world-renowned schools; the World Economic Forum report also stated that children who learn bilingually will more easily gain more job opportunities and better Economic returns, will also be more dominant in society. Greentown Yuhua Primary School has realized bilingual teaching in the entire international class, learning science, biology, chemistry, physics and other subjects in English. Children learn not only the English language, but also comprehensive soft skills, such as: critical thinking, English writing, and public speaking. In this way, children can perfectly integrate with international education and match international higher education. Looking back on his own growth, Dr. Joel Tapia confessed that education competition has been fierce. To achieve outstanding results, it is inseparable from the joint efforts of parents, schools and children, and proper training.


Principal Joel Tapia and Science Night at Solana Vista


Principal Joel Tapia and Smythe Elementary School